What is available within the Fitness Centre?

The very best of everything has being set up in the centre with consideration to the very best flooring, a raised and insulated ceiling, the latest equipment design and electronic technology, plus 3 reverse cycle air conditioners (yes at last some air conditioning).  This will allow us to keep the appropriate training temperatures in Summer and Winter.

We have included a gym packed with features including;

A 60m² dedicated functional movement area featuring patterned flooring to help guide your movements, racking that includes; monkey bars, a step up platform, mini trampete for ball work,  dipper, minesweeper fittings, upper ball throw target, chin bars, battle ropes, foam plyometric boxes etc. plus additional fittings for squats and bench press during group sessions and busy times.

The cardio section consists of treadmills with massive 19 inch touch screens that are internet connected, have virtual active running options allowing you to run in different scenic locations globally and also include a personal virtual coach.  For those leading an impossibly busy lifestyle the treadmills offer Social Media access and television.  The latest masterfully engineered cross trainers feature stride length adjustment and a 16 inch screen with internet connection and virtual active etc.  For those of you that enjoy the benefit of stairs we have a stair climber with a 16 inch screen with all of the above internet and  virtual active features.  State of the art Spin Bikes are fitted  with a rear wheel 300 degree magnetic resistance adjustment letting riders quickly dial-in the perfect tension level with the simple flick of the wrist.  A watt rate meter accurately measures power to a margin of error of just +/- 1%.  They also feature a Coach by Colour console which measures heart rate and change colour (5) depending on the training zone you are in.  One of the most frustrating parts of riding a spin bike is setting the seat height.  These amazing bikes have a gas assisted seat post for effortless adjustment.

The Free weights zone features a 50mm thick floor.  Gyms normally have flooring of 15mm in this area which can be very distracting due to the noise when weights are dropped.  The 50mm thick floor is for acoustic purposes reducing the noise levels significantly within the facility.  In this area will be a 3D Smith Machine, an 8 stack Multi Station, a pre lift spotting bench press and all other lifting equipment you would expect.

A running track has been added to help with sprint work, physiological testing (beep tests and agility work) and allows additional open space for functional movement based exercise and when you just need a clear space to gather your thoughts.

The 66m² Group Fitness Area features State of the Art padded vinyl flooring designed for Group Fitness Activity..

At Your Move Fitness highly qualified fitness professionals are available for you.

Whether it be one on one or a small group of friends, there is an option for everyone.

PT Sessions include  45 and 60 minutes of specialist training/coaching.

Individual needs are paramount, whether it be sport specific, rehabilitation, general weight loss, power development or you just want to stay in shape, your health and wellbeing priorities will be addressed through careful consultation with your trainer.

Want to train with your children?

Feel free to bring them along within the designated times.  It’s a fantastic time to teach your child/children some of the basics of health and wellbeing.

Staff can be available to help with corrective movement pattern techniques, sport specific movements, range of motion and balance exercises.  This is also a good time to teach postural and stretching movements and exercises.

Simply contact Your Move Fitness  to further discuss your child’s needs.